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Based in North Carolina, Belk Store is an American department store chain. You would like to know that your channel is spread over 293 locations in 16 states. You can find their stores all over North Carolina and it’s just fascinating. Not only that, the store also offers a variety of products to choose from and also offers a wide selection.


A decent option if you’re looking to save a few bucks on Belk, this card offers perks like monthly and yearly savings, plus a scalable rewards program. The more you spend each year at Belk, the more rewards you’ll earn.


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Belk offers three tiers of credit cards, each offering rich rewards to regular customers of the department store chain. Benefits vary based on your annual spend at Belk stores.

Belk is a department store that dates back to 1888. There are approximately 300 Belk stores in 16 different states, and these stores sell a wide variety of products, including men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. bed and bath articles; home furniture; Format; jewelry and accessories; and more.

Follow The Belk Credit Card Sign In Process

To receive all the Belk Credit Card rewards and benefits, you must first register on the official registration portal.

  • Open the browser.
  • Visit the official website
  • Click on the Create Account option.
  • A new page will appear on your screen.
  • Enter the required information such as your first and last name, phone number and email address.
  • Then you need to create your own Belk Credit Card Login password and confirm it by adding it again.
  • Finally, click on the Create Account button.

After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation.

Belk Credit Card Login Procedure For Registered Users

First, let’s learn how to log in, because it’s one of the most important steps. Belk Credit Card Login is an easy-to-use method designed for customers. Customers can design their business, joint and parcel via the Internet.


People who make regular purchases from the Belk store or website should opt for the Belk Credit Card as it saves a lot of money on cashback and limits. Follow the steps below on how to register:

Step 1: Without thinking twice, the first thing to do is go to the official Belk credit card website.

Step 2: Now in the top corner you will see the cardholder Belk Credit Card Login area where you need to enter your user ID.

Step 3: After providing your User ID, click the “Login” button.

Step 4: In the next step, you need to provide your password and click the “Secure Connection” button.

And as soon as you click the “Secure Connection” button, you can use all credit card services. It’s not easy?

You can check your Belk Credit Card Rewards credit card balance online or download the Belk Credit Card app where you can manage your credit card account, schedule Belk Card Payment and make purchases. For technical support, call 866-560-4456. You can also call 877-295-2080 to check your Belk Rewards credit card balance over the phone.

Check Out Credit Card Benefits

Unsurprisingly, everyone will be happy to enjoy paying with the Belk Card Payment or whatever they choose to use. Therefore, Belk Rewards offers incredible perks and perks that you won’t even find on other cards in the store.

  • With the Pay Belk Credit Card Online Earn 3 reward points for every dollar spent.
  • As long as you reach 1,000 in a year, you’ll earn $10 in Belk Rewards dollars.
  • Earn three points per dollar on every purchase you make online and at the Belk store.
  • Belk offers in-store purchase perks such as free returns and twenty event discounts every year.
  • There will be no annual fee when using the Belk Rewards Card.
  • It also offers an introductory bonus as you get 20% off for 24 hours when you sign up for your card.
  • Enjoy exclusive savings days and bonus points throughout the year.
  • With your Belk Rewards card, you can enjoy these benefits. Belk Rewards cardholders are eligible for the following Belk Rewards balance benefits. In other cases, you must first apply for a Belk credit card to take advantage of the benefits.

Steps To Retrieve Forgotten User ID And Password

  • First, visit Belk’s official credit card customer portal at
  • In the “Secure Connection” button, you will find the two options to reset the user ID and reset the password.
  • To get the user ID, click “Find User ID” tab.
  • Fourth, now on the next page, add your Belk credit card number and zip code (use the same zip code you receive your wholesale credit card bill from).
  • To reset your password, click the Reset Password tab located under the Secure Belk Credit Card Login tab on the home page.
  • On the next page, enter your user ID and zip code and continue.
  • After verification, you will be asked to create a password. Always create a strong password with alphanumeric keys and special characters.


To activate your Belk credit card, the easiest method is the online activation method. Simply enter your username to connect to your online account services.

Various Types Of Cards

Belk Premier Card

Premier Rewards cardholders: Belk Rewards cardholders who do the following:

(a) spend $600 at Belk stores (less returns, sales tax, interest and fees) with your Belk Rewards Card within one calendar year;

(b) maintain your account in good standing; and

(c) upon reaching the qualifying amount of $600, no more than 2 late Belk Card Payment at the time of Premier Rewards card issuance, you will be upgraded to a Belk Premier Rewards card. Upgrades to Premier will be processed on your next billing cycle after qualification.

Once you receive your updated card, you will receive additional benefits for Belk Premier Rewards cardholders and will be able to participate in the Belk Rewards Flex Pay program. To use the Belk Rewards Flex Pay plan, you must contact Belk Credit Card Customer Service to add this plan to your account. You must spend a minimum of US$600 per calendar year at Belk stores (excluding returns, sales tax, interest, and fees) on your Belk Premier Rewards Card to maintain your eligibility as a Belk Premier Rewards Card member. If you do not maintain your Premier qualification, you will lose Premier benefits.

Belk’s Elite Status

Elite Rewards cardholders Belk Rewards cardholders who:

(a) spend US$1,500 at Belk stores (after deducting returned merchandise, sales tax, interest and fees) with your Belk Rewards Card within one calendar year;

(b) maintain your account in good standing; and

(c) after reaching the qualifying amount of $1,500, no more than 2 late Belk Credit Card Payment at the time of issuance of the Elite Rewards Card will convert to a Belk Elite Rewards Card. Elite level upgrades will be processed on your next billing cycle after qualification.

Once you receive your updated card, you will automatically receive additional benefits for Belk Elite Rewards cardholders, including adding the Belk Rewards Flex Pay plan to your account. You must spend a minimum of US$1,500 per calendar year at Belk stores (net of returned merchandise, sales tax, interest, and fees) on your Belk Elite Rewards Card to maintain your eligibility as an Elite Rewards Cardmember. If you do not maintain your Elite qualification, you will lose Elite benefits.

Official NameBelk Credit Card
Portal TypeLogin Portal
ServicesCredit Card Services

Details About Mobile App

The Belk app offers a wide range of fits, sizes and styles in every category from men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and shoes to bags, dresses and household items. Plus, shop a wider selection of designer fashion, beauty, accessories and fragrances. You can even save your favorite products to buy them later.

App Features

Registry Love

Easily create and manage your marriage registry in the Belk app. Browse and add items from your favorite household brands or scan items and add them to your registry right from your smartphone. You can also keep multiple records and quickly update your gift list.

Never Miss An Offer

Get push notifications on your phone to be the first to know about great deals and our latest coupons. You can also earn and redeem Belk Credit Card Bucks by making in-app purchases!

Manage Your Rewards

Easily manage your Belk Rewards credit card account through the app. Plus, see how many Belk Credit Card Reward Dollars you have and easily apply them at checkout.


Effortless Gifts

Check out our gift guide to shopping for gifts by recipient, interest, occasion, and more! We’ve curated the hottest products for everyone on your list and for every event on your calendar.

Fast And Easy Payment

We store your Belk Credit Card Payment information so you only need to enter your security code to complete your purchase. You can also pay with Paypal!

Free In-Store Pickup

If you must have it today, you can! Shop in-app, add products to car,t, and choose free in-store pickup option for eligible items. Your purchase will be available for free at your local store within hours!

Credit Cards Review

When you sign up for the first time, you will receive the Belk Rewards card. However, if you spend the money at the retailer, you can get an upgrade. Here are the spending requirements for each card:

  • Belk Rewards: $0 to $599 per year.
  • Belk Premier: $600 to $1,499 per year.
  • Belk Elite: $1,500 or more per year.
  • When you open your account, you will receive 20% off your first purchase or 15% off home or shoe purchases. You will also receive 1,000 Belk Rewards points worth $10 in Belk Rewards dollars.

Going forward, your rewards and benefits will be based on the card you currently have.

About BelkĀ 

Belk, Inc., a privately held department store company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is the headquarters of Modern. South. Style. with offices in 16 southern states and a rapidly growing digital presence. Belk is a portfolio company of Sycamore Partners, a New York-based private equity firm. Belk and offer a wide selection of national and private label clothing, footwear and accessories, footwear and accessories for the whole family, as well as high quality cosmetics, bridal registration and a wide range of products for the quality home.

Belk offers many ways to connect on digital and social media, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google Plus, and offers exclusive offers, fashion updates, sales alerts, and coupons via email or SMS from phones. cell phones. Customers can also download the latest Belk mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, or Android.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I send my Belk Rewards credit card payments?

Use the address below to send your Belk Credit Card Payment. Also write your account number on the check or money order payable to BELK.

Synchronized Bank/Belk

DUST. Box 530940

Atlanta, Georgia 30553-0940

How do I pay my Belk Rewards card bill online?

To pay your Belk Rewards card online, you must register at Once registered, you can access the online Belk Credit Card Payment option at The Belk Rewards Card is issued and operated by Synchrony Bank (SYNCB).

What is the Belk credit card customer service number?

Belk Credit Card Customer Service telephone for Belk Credit Card Payment and other assistance: 800-669-6550.


If you shop at Belk stores regularly and have no restrictions on redeeming rewards, Belk Rewards Mastercard might be a good option for you. Remember: Reward Points expire after one year and can only be used for Belk purchases. If you want more flexibility and don’t want to worry about missing out on rewards, consider other cards like Discover it or similar cashback cards.

Store credit cards go, Belk credit cards offer solid rewards and perks. But unless you’re already spending a lot at the department store, it might not be worth using limited usage, high APR,, and the temptation to overspend.

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