Belk, Inc., a privately held department store company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is the headquarters of Modern. South. Style. with offices in 16 southern states and a rapidly growing digital presence. Belk is a portfolio company of Sycamore Partners, a New York-based private equity firm. Belk and www.belk.com offer a wide selection of domestic and private label clothing, footwear and accessories, family footwear and accessories, as well as high-quality cosmetics, bridal wear, and a wide selection of high-quality products. home.


Belk offers many ways to connect with digital and social media, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Plus, and offers exclusive offers, fashion updates, sales alerts, and coupons via email. SMS from phones. cell phones. Belk’s mobile apps are also available for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Synchrony Bank is one such bank that started issuing credit cards for this retail business. And all buyers can benefit from it. If you’ve recently thought about learning more about this credit card and how it works, you’ve come to the right place.

Issued by Synchrony Bank, the Belk Credit Card, known as the Belk Synchrony Card, is a loyalty card that offers an extra twenty percent cashback on almost everything you buy. Followers of the modern Southern style are likely familiar with the accessories, furniture, and clothing at Belk’s department stores. For shoppers, the Belk store offers a credit card with many perks and benefits that you won’t find on other cards.


In Monroe, North Carolina, just outside Charlotte, William Henry Belk founded Belk in 1888. When Belk found his brother Dr. John Belk, he decided to make him his partner, the store was called New York Racket. It was a relatively rare practice at the time for Belk to buy in bulk and resell them for a fixed price.